• MC34708VM Replacement?

    Hello,  we recently receive EOL notice for MC34708VM, which we are still using in our production for imx53 processor.  202005039DN:Discontinuation Notification for NXP SPM Products Jun2020  ...
    tengyun chu
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  • MC33772 always output Null response. (Data is all zero)

    Hi, I want to implement the battery management system using MC33772B chip, but now got some problem.   1. Problem : MC33772B always response all zero data included correct CRC although send measurement request. ...
    보고 최
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  • Transformer design calculator - TEA1721BT

    Hi,   Where can I get Transformer design calculator for TEA1721BT based SMPS designs , Flyback mode.
    Padmanabham Hamsa
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  • The reference design schematic of AFM906N

    Hello,  I can not obtain the reference design schematic in the datasheet of AFM906N, could you please send me its schematic? Thanks a lot!
    Manyi Wang
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  • MMPF0100F6 Register Values

    Hi,   does NXP provide any register values (aside from the datasheet) for the pre-programmed Versions of the MMPF0100 e.g. as binary-file? I cannot find anything on the product page.   We want to use this ...
    Maximilian Gastager
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  • OTP configuration PF8100 and PF8200

    Welcome, please let me know how I can order a chip with my own version of OTP configuration PF8100 and PF8200 from the manufacturer, if your standard OTP configuration options don't apply to me?
    Alexandr Dorofeev
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  • How to start up the FS4500 SBC?

    When I power on the FS4500 ,SBC remain ON for few Seconds and again turns OFF. I want to show you schematic if there is anything wrong in hardware please correct me. Thanks in advance
    Rohini Khatkale
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  • Some questions about PF8100/PF8200 's Fault detection

    1. On page 33: How to understand "the fault condition is cleard"? For example, if SW1 shutdown due to OV fault, I suppose that user clears the SW1_OV_S bit by I2C means clear the fault condition. Am I right?  ...
    li bo
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  • phase error for gd3000

     I got "phase error" while i tred to run  a bldc witch runs at above 35000 N,i measure the PWM IN wave for gd3000 and PWM out from GD3000 ,i fount the out put from GD3000 for upper  mosfet is&...
    Steven Zhang
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  • Relationship between trim with OTP?

    I am confused by the following description on page 15, datasheet of PF8100/PF8200.   1.What is the "trim"? What is the relationship between trim with OTP?  2.How to understand “fuse”?Does &ld...
    li bo
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  • newbie who needs a helping hand with the mc33771.

    hi all, i am currently doing my graduation thesis on a 24v bms system. my setup is: FRDM33771BSPIEVB FRDMkl25Z 8cell battery pack connnected to cell terminal 1-4 and 11-14.   Codewarrior, the evaluation gu...
    bart van beuningen
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  • PF3001 Power/Pins function

    Hi All, I have few confusions in the schematics and functioning of few pins.    1. I am using 5V from USB to power the IC. So, should I connect the net from VIN (after bypass capacitors & PMOS pass FET...
    Shashank Vaidya
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  • PF3000 datasheet register information does not correspond to the actual situation

    Using MC34PF3000A1EP to match IMX7D which is reference design. But we found something abnormal.    The default value of the PMIC register is offset: [0x20] ::: 0x18, offset: [0x66] ::: 0x00. The measured de...
    Sample Dep Gordy Guo
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  • Programming PF4210

    Hi, I am considering using the PF4210 in a non-conventional way. I am using an IMx 8 on the board but I have no need for the GPU or VPU so thinking about using it to power other devices on the board. This require...
    Enoch Arthur
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  • Question QN908x series

    1. I want to know if an external 32 Mhz and 32 kHz oscillator is required 2. the datasheet for the QN908x series says the peak power is 10mW but the tranmist at 0dB consumes 3.5 mA which corresponds to 10.5 mW power s...
    Alex Conan
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  • Has anyone used the MWCT1013 module in their design?

    Hello,  I am planning to use the MWCT1013 module in my project. I would like to know if anyone already has used this chip? I was also wondering if there are any drivers available for this MWCT1013. I p...
    gautham ranganathan
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  • PCA9420 - VIN tolerance

    Hello team, My customer is planning to use our #PCA9420 pmic as his main DC/DC and LDO and today he using a 4xAA battery setup which leads to Vin 6.2v once the batteries are new (in the future they will use a re...
    Shai Berman
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  • How to use external crystal of MC56F82748?Is there anything wrong with the configuration?

    1. When the recommended crystal oscillator is changed to 12M or 16M,Are they(R5 R7 R6 C5 C6 ) still the values in the picture?  2. The above program is configured by imagek. 3.Is there anything...
    HZ zhang
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  • The Resonant SMPS Design Tool

    Hi, I use The Resonant SMPS Design Tool for a powersupply design with an input of 90V-264Vac and output of 57Vdc/9A.But I can't understand something about the transformer.Please see the attached file. There is ...
    baokang li
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  • UJA1132HW3V3 HVIO Read status issue

    Hello, I'm developing one product using UJA1132HW3V3 and S32K148. I'm trying to configure the HVIOs on UJA1132HW3V3 as wake up inputs and trying to read the status of the wake up input. However, I got full zeros whe...
    Xinsheng Yu
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