• Is TEA1792 suitable for three-phase rectifier?

    Hi, I am using TEA1792, a synchronous rectifier controller, as the controller for MOSFET in a three-phase rectifier. The simplified schematic is as illustrated: The schematic of the two right-most TEA1792s is shown...
    Xiang Yu
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  • KV10 entry VLLS3 and LLWU wakeup question

    Hello, I now use the low power VLLS3 mode of KV10Z32, using the wakeup function of the LLWU, but the program will not wake up using the PTC3 (LLWU _ P7) and request help. thanks you the following is the code void BO...
    胡绍广 胡
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  • The Resonant SMPS Design Tool

    Hi, I use The Resonant SMPS Design Tool for a powersupply design with an input of 90V-264Vac and output of 57Vdc/9A.But I can't understand something about the transformer.Please see the attached file. There is ...
    baokang li
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  • PF1550 VBUS_LIN_ILIM resetting

    During brownout testing of a PF1550 design, it was observed that the VBUS_LIN_ILIM setting was resetting to the default value (0x68 400mA) after it was previously set to the desired value of (0xA0 1500mA).   Whe...
    Ben Foose
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  • uja1169 is not allowing me to re flash my micro

    Once I program the SBC(to normal mode) it seems that the watchdog turns off the microcontroller power supply, and this causes that I can't flash my microcontroller anymore, I don't know if there is a way to avoid this...
    Omar Chiara
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  • FS6513 Vpre voltage dies down after 8 secs on start

    I am using FS6513 with an input of 24V. Only portion upto Vpre is populated. The Vcore portion is disconnected. Every Time the power supply is turned on the Voltage on Vpre rises upto 6.5V but dies down to zero exactl...
    Rajesh Sura
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  • PF3000: Different skipping behaviour

    Hi   On a custom board design, I'm using the PF3000A1 for the power supply of an IMX7D. The VDD_ARM voltage is connected to SW1A (1.1V), the VDD_SOC is connected to SW1B (1V). I'm measuring the current through t...
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  • How to supply added 700 mA to VDD_MEMC?

    Latest spec for i.MX8QM has VDD_MEMC Maximum Supply Currents (Table 10) increased from 2.5A (supported by PF8x00 BUCK5) to 3.2A. What is the recommendation to provide this extra current?
    Kevin LaRosa
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  • Implementing My Own Algorithm on MC 33771b Evaluation Board

    Hello everyone,   We are trying to earn experience on BMS and looking for a hardware system that can be programmable. MC 33771b looks like a super candidate for that. But We did not become sure whether we can im...
    Yusuf Selim KARATAS
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  • How to verify LPOFF_Auto_WU worked?

    Hi,    When I using SBC FS4500, I try to verify whether the state machine swich of NORMAL MODE ->LPOFF-Auto WU->Wake-up is really worked. When in Normal mode, I sent spi by writing Mode register...
    新光 王
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  • Q for AN4146 shunt?

      Daer All :  // 1.In this fig. I can't see the shunt? So how can I to put the shunt in the fig.? Can anyone to show me? // 2.In this fig. Its for to detect AC Current? // Thank u so much.
    Eric Lin
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  • FRDM33771 BMS not working properly

    Hello,   I am using the FRDM33771 together with the battery emulator.  I want to test cell balancing and measure current for SOC however when I enable the cell balancing I see no difference regarding the v...
    Davinio Monissen
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  • TEA1716T PFC issue

    Hello I am having trouble to get the PFC function working for the TEA1716T controller. I disconnected the half bridge and LLC transformer to debug for PFC only, Put 1.5V on pin SSHBC/EN and 25V on SUPIC. Upon the s...
    Bert Vanoverschelde
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  • How to start up the FS4500 SBC

    Hi,all When I power on the FS4500 ,It only lasts 1.3s then shuts down . Our team can only use it's debug mode now. I write three instructions. first I use DSPI to config the  INIT_INT register to let FS4500 in ...
    liu jiahua
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  • FS65 FMEDA questions

    Hi,   There are some urgent questions from our customer ALPS, regarding FS65 FMEDA. Will appreciate if these can be answer by 25th Oct!!   1, In FS65 FMEDA Safety Mechanisms sheet, SM8 is set in Low ...
    Murong Li
    created by Murong Li
  • Why using a PF0100 instead PF3000?

    Hello I'm just curious. In an application where power and voltages of pf3000 are enough...why shoulld i chose a pf0200 for a i.mx6 Solo? ( for example) I'm not in hurry with a project, i'm just curious. I expect that...
    Massimo Romano
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  • PF8100:  problem with FlexGUI utility

    Platform:      i.MX 8 with PF8100   This is the description of the customer: We are using the PF8100 PMIC in our design to power a i.MX8, The PF8100 is soldered on the board without pre-...
    Bernhard Fink
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  • PF8200 input supply must sink current?

    Hello,   I noticed that the PF8200 datasheet was recently updated to include this note on Table 9: "Input supply for switching regulators must be capable to sink current to avoid overvoltage condition durin...
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  • PF8200 with SmartReflex(TI)

    hello, I’m writing this memo to ask a question about PF8200. we will use the DSP C6655 and apply SmartReflex to the PF8200 to control CORE voltage. We will replace the DC/DC in attachment 1 with PF8200 and d...
    sungsuk jung
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  • PF8200 with SmartReflex(TI)

    hello, I’m writing this memo to ask a question about PF8200. we will use the DSP C6655 and apply SmartReflex to the PF8200 to control CORE voltage.   We will replace the DC/DC in attachment 1 with PF8200 ...
    sungsuk jung
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