• PCA9420 - VIN tolerance

    Hello team, My customer is planning to use our #PCA9420 pmic as his main DC/DC and LDO and today he using a 4xAA battery setup which leads to Vin 6.2v once the batteries are new (in the future they will use a re...
    Shai Berman
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  • How to use external crystal of MC56F82748?Is there anything wrong with the configuration?

    1. When the recommended crystal oscillator is changed to 12M or 16M,Are they(R5 R7 R6 C5 C6 ) still the values in the picture?  2. The above program is configured by imagek. 3.Is there anything...
    HZ zhang
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  • The Resonant SMPS Design Tool

    Hi, I use The Resonant SMPS Design Tool for a powersupply design with an input of 90V-264Vac and output of 57Vdc/9A.But I can't understand something about the transformer.Please see the attached file. There is ...
    baokang li
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  • PF3001 Power/Pins function

    Hi All, I have few confusions in the schematics and functioning of few pins.    1. I am using 5V from USB to power the IC. So, should I connect the net from VIN (after bypass capacitors & PMOS pass FET...
    Shashank Vaidya
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  • UJA1132HW3V3 HVIO Read status issue

    Hello, I'm developing one product using UJA1132HW3V3 and S32K148. I'm trying to configure the HVIOs on UJA1132HW3V3 as wake up inputs and trying to read the status of the wake up input. However, I got full zeros whe...
    Xinsheng Yu
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  • TJA1145 basic wake-up

    How to achieve the basic wake-up(in the 11898-2) of the TJA1145 . upon receiving once a dominant state for duration of at least tFilter,a wake-up event shall happen. How to configure the register.
    zhen zhang
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  • newbie who needs a helping hand with the mc33771.

    hi all, i am currently doing my graduation thesis on a 24v bms system. my setup is: FRDM33771BSPIEVB FRDMkl25Z 8cell battery pack connnected to cell terminal 1-4 and 11-14.   Codewarrior, the evaluation gu...
    bart van beuningen
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  • Programming PF4210

    Hi, I am considering using the PF4210 in a non-conventional way. I am using an IMx 8 on the board but I have no need for the GPU or VPU so thinking about using it to power other devices on the board. This require...
    Enoch Arthur
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  • How to control H/L output for the IO_4 of FS65

    Hi NXP   I want to control the io_4 for H/L with output  and to setting the register (0x17 ; IO_OUT_AMUX) by SPI    The Sending command is 0xACE0 for register 0x17 by  SPI TX and g...
    Jaros Hsieh
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  • Power dissipation of UJA1169

    Hello,   May I know how do I calculate to total power dissipation of the IC UJA1169 alone.   Regards, Anand M
    Anand Meharwade
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  • FS6500 SBC disable Watchdog and RSTB during flashing process

    I have the following hardware configuration FS6500 and MPC5777C. My application configures the SBC to have INIT_FSSM and INIT_FAULT reaction to trigger FS0B and RSTB as well as the FCCU lines ERROR_0 and ERROR_1 (IO_2...
    Federico Reyes
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  • Failure rate/MTBF data for MW6S010GNR1

    Hello, We are using MW6S010GNR1 transistor IC in our design. Could you please provide me the failure rate or MTBF  data for the same?   Any assistance will be greatly appreciated   Regards, Harshith
    Harshithram KV
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  • RD33771-48VEVM Reference Design  Data Type Problem

    I am going to develop a BMS. I found the rd33771-48VEVM Reference Design on the NXP website. When I study the SW driver package, I have some problems with the parameter definition.   The first pr...
    SHAO Jianbo
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  • How to start up the FS4500 SBC

    Hi,all When I power on the FS4500 ,It only lasts 1.3s then shuts down . Our team can only use it's debug mode now. I write three instructions. first I use DSPI to config the  INIT_INT register to let FS4500 in ...
    liu jiahua
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  • Adding POR supervisor to PF3000

    Hello, we would like to add a POR supervisor to the PF3000 PMIC circuit.  We are using Vin=5V (USB) and want to ensure the power rails come up > 100ms after the USB power is applied to the device to meet USB i...
    Ryan Martin
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  • How to read the whole pflash In HCS12X

    How to read the whole pflash of mc9s12xhy256? Is there any shortcut? The compiler for this chip is 5.10. I'd like to see if the content burned into flash is the same as that in the burn file.
    yang zhang
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  • Device is secure.Erase to unsecure?(for MC56F82748)

    When I debug MC56F82748 by CW11 ,  show " Device is secure.Erase to unsecure ". The program is normal, no password is set . Now I suspect that it is the welding problem. Is there any other reason for the follow...
    HZ zhang
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  • S32K14x+MC33903 schematic and layout

    S32K14x+MC33903 schematic and layout
    Dennis Zeng
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  • KV10 entry VLLS3 and LLWU wakeup question

    Hello, I now use the low power VLLS3 mode of KV10Z32, using the wakeup function of the LLWU, but the program will not wake up using the PTC3 (LLWU _ P7) and request help. thanks you the following is the code void BO...
    胡绍广 胡
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  • PCA9450A+I.MX8M MINI LPDDR4 Reference Design

    please see attached.
    Allan An
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