• PF8121 in TBB mode

    Platform:     i.MX 8M-Mini + PF8121   Hi,   I'm using PF8121(F2) in an upcoming board design(using IMX8-M mini) and working on PMIC TBB mode configuration using KITPF8121FRDMEVM and Fle...
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  • Scalable and Safe Power Management Solutions for Automotive Market

    Vehicle Dynamics & Safety: Scalable and Saf... | NXP Community With safety being omnipresent in automotive development today, a scalable portfolio with dedicated power management solutions means that NX...
  • PF8121 : TBB with FlexGUI (No Vendor ID/ Product ID)

    Platform: i.MX 8M-Mini + PF8121   Hi Jinyu Zhan,   I'm using the KITPF8121FRDMEVM to evaluate TBB mode on PF8121 PMIC for a future design using IMX8M Mini with PF8121 F2. I am following the design gui...
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  • NXQ1TXH5 Compact Charger Design

    Hi Guys, I am currently trying to design a wireless solution for a college project with this chip and would like some feedback before I get the PCB made. I have attached a schematic.  Some info: We are using a...
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  • Visit us next week at NXP Connects 2019 Silcon Valley, June 12-13 in Santa Clara

    NXP Connects 2019 Silicon Valley   Visit us next week at NXP Connects 2019 Silcon Valley, June 12-13 in Santa Clara   We will run three sessions dedicated to our Safety PMIC solutions : Wednesday 3PM : ...
  • ABOUT TEA19161+19162+ TEA1995T  THD

    TEA19161+19162+ TEA1995T 350W  LED POWER SUPLLY   THD  Whether can satisfy iec 61000-3-2
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  • FS45/65 Functional Safety SBC

    Our safe and robust functional safety SBCs combine efficient DC/DC power management that can be switched to low-power mode. Different applications have different safe state conditions. The FS45 and FS65 provide scalab...
  • Three Generations of Safety Power Management ICs

    NXP's scalable safety power management portfolio combines safety features with device flexibility built on two pillars: safety process during the development phase and proven ASIL D safety architectures...
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  • Welcome to Power Management Community

    Hi Dears        This is public community for Power management product of NXP semiconductor.   You can ask questions and find application solution about the Power Management product like SBC ...
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