• In FS6500 SBC, need to close S1 switch while releasing FSxB pins?

    The S1 switch between VPU_FS pin & Vpre shall be closed under which circumstances while releasing FSxB pins? As seen in the diagram of FS1B activation, switch S1 when closed, connects the Vpre & VPU_FS.  ...
    Vaibhav Sharma
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  • Digital powerSolutions abuot MC56F8xxxx

    Do you have the solution about digital power by MC56F8xxxx ? Where I can find all of digital power solution disign ahout MC56F8xxxx ? Is there some solution in Solar Inverters by MC56F8xxxx?
    HZ zhang
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  • CANNOT Flash Program to  MPC5775B

    cannot flash to MPC5775BE-416DS daughter card!   "Warning: Device is not detected or may be censored. Please enter password in GDB server parameters with debug configurations using the flag -uncensorpasswo...
    Jim Duan
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  • Airfast RF Power GaN Transistor, A3G20S250-01S

    Hi ? Question : Airfast RF Power GaN Transistor, A3G20S250-01S                  1. How much is the price of above part ?              ...
    Songwon Ji
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  • The Resonant SMPS Design Tool

    Hi, I use The Resonant SMPS Design Tool for a powersupply design with an input of 90V-264Vac and output of 57Vdc/9A.But I can't understand something about the transformer.Please see the attached file. There is ...
    baokang li
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  • FS6513 Vpre voltage dies down after 8 secs on start

    I am using FS6513 with an input of 24V. Only portion upto Vpre is populated. The Vcore portion is disconnected. Every Time the power supply is turned on the Voltage on Vpre rises upto 6.5V but dies down to zero exactl...
    Rajesh Sura
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  • Scalable and Safe Power Management Solutions for Automotive Market

    Vehicle Dynamics & Safety: Scalable and Saf... | NXP Community With safety being omnipresent in automotive development today, a scalable portfolio with dedicated power management solutions means that NX...
  • Different inpult voltages lead to destruction???

    Hello, In my current project I'm using the PF8100 as PMIC. Please see attached schematics. The internal logic, SW1-4 and LDO1-4 are supplied by 3V3, while SW5-7 are supplied by 5V. When testing the first PCB pr...
    Nelson Scheja
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  • NXQ1TXH5 CNF_IN and LED Red/Green not working

    I have made a custom PCB board with an NXQ1TXH5. Wireless charging is working, however at quite low current being supplied to the receiver coil. Investigating the board shows that CNF_IN goes between VDD (~5V rai...
    Labib Lartey
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  • PF8200 OTP Programming

    Hello,   I'm interested in programming the OTP bits in the PF8200. I saw that it can be done via I2C, but I cannot find an OTP programming specification document for it, and the datasheet says to contact NXP...
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  • Pause FS6500 watchdog

    As the title say, because of the flash erase operation, we need to pause the watchdog in FS6500; but this mode only can set in INIT phase.What can i do?
    yang yang
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  • CAN transceiver makes bus die when we force it sleep and wake up cyclically

    Dear team,   I have an issue related to CAN transceiver in UJA1167. When CAN bus go to sleep, I force our SBC Transceiver to CAN Offline Mode, when CAN wake up, I force it to CAN Active mode. It is working fine...
    Lin Dao
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  • Confirmation of how to use the PCA9956B driver

    Although this PCA9956B driver can handle LED drive voltages up to 20v, for example, if one LED is connected to one pin and two series connections are connected to the other pin, it is possible to use a single unit and...
    kamizyou masami
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  • MMPF0100AEP Power On Procedure/Solution

    Hello,   I am using MMPF0100AEP PMIC for i.MX6 Quad Processor based board.   I have referred the Power section from SABRE design files, I am unable to get the PMIC outputs Kindly suggest the detailed po...
    Azhagiri Sadagoban
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  • Unable to generate interrupt from SBC!

    Hi,   SBC- FS6513C: How to generate a test case to check the working of interrupt? I've tried to reduce the power supply down to 2V which should fulfill the 1st category depicted below.   Have tried other ...
    Vaibhav Sharma
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  • MMPF0100F0AEP Power Up

    Hello,   Greetings!!!   I am using MMPF0100F0AEP PMIC for a custom board design, i have ordered pre programmed chip with F0 OTP configuration.   And as per the datasheet VDDOTP is connected to G...
    Arif Kanganolli
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  • In the S32K14x example package,which example tells the operation of the SBC chip UJA113x_SER?

    Dear professor,       I want to know that how the MCU reads or writes a register in the SBC chip UJA113x_SER by SPI. I have tried to operate according to the datasheet but failed,so...
    cao chuang
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  • Visit us next week at NXP Connects 2019 Silcon Valley, June 12-13 in Santa Clara

    NXP Connects 2019 Silicon Valley   Visit us next week at NXP Connects 2019 Silcon Valley, June 12-13 in Santa Clara   We will run three sessions dedicated to our Safety PMIC solutions : Wednesday 3PM : ...
  • Nxp FS4500 SBC chip interface with Nxp S32K148 issue

    Hello I am trying to interface with NxP SBC FS4500 chip through a NxP S32K148 Micro-controller. Each time during the initialization, I receive 7F FF FF FF FF .... for punch of frames. I tried to change the data to ...
    Ahmed GadAllah
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  • In FS6513, FLT_ERR_2:0 is showing Max value(6) at Init

    The FLT_ERR_2:0 bits is showing 6(FEC is configured for threshold 6) at the start of the SBC_Init function(before any of the other command being sent). So presently after initializing SPI & port drivers, SBC is be...
    Vaibhav Sharma
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