• imx7d power on sequence issue

    Dear Team, Our Platform is i.MX7D with PF3000 and we find some abnormal signal when we testing the power sequence.   When system power on, VLDO3V3 will have abnormal signal then pull high, it seems some cu...
    justin hsieh
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  • i.MX 7Dual power sequence measurement

    Dear Team, According i.MX 7Dual datasheet, it shows timing spec. as below,   T1 Time from SVNS power stable to other power rails start to ramp, minimal delay is 2ms, no max delay requirement. Can you kindly ...
    justin hsieh
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  • hlep me!!!MC33PT2000 use issues(2020079)

    I am currently using this chip. For the half-bridge in the same bank, should the gate signals of his high-side boost mos and 24v mos be inverted? However, the two G-pole driving waveforms measured here are in the same...
    Young fly
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  • MC34708VM Replacement?

    Hello,  we recently receive EOL notice for MC34708VM, which we are still using in our production for imx53 processor.  202005039DN:Discontinuation Notification for NXP SPM Products Jun2020  ...
    tengyun chu
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  • Programming PF4210

    Hi, I am considering using the PF4210 in a non-conventional way. I am using an IMx 8 on the board but I have no need for the GPU or VPU so thinking about using it to power other devices on the board. This require...
    Enoch Arthur
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  • PCA9450A+I.MX8M MINI LPDDR4 Reference Design Materials

    Please see attached for the PCA9450A+I.MX8M MINI Reference Design Board Materials: Including: 1. Schematic; 2. Layout; 3. Software Patch, unzip password is "NXP"; 4. Software Patch Userguide;
    Allan An
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  • NX20P3483UK  Dead Battery Mode

    I have a question about NX20P3483UK  . When the chip works in the Dead Battery Mode, In the case of external USB 5V power supply, whether the chip is still charging the board at this time. If charging, what is...
    Liu xq
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  • How can Silicon Versions of PF8100 be Identified?

    There are many different silicon versions of the PF8100 PMIC available. How can we identify whether our MC34PF8100A0EP has the revision C1 or an older one? Can the marking or date code on the chip be used fo...
    Peter Lischer
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  • PF8100 VDDIO

    I want to confirm that the PF8100_VDDIO powered by Its own buck,What's the difference ,compared with use external power. Thanks.
    广慧 曾
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  • FlexGUI I2C address range

    Hi there,   I was currently checking the OTP programming of two differently programmed PF8100 with NXPs programming board and the FlexGUI Tool. Reading the registers of the first PMIC works like a charm (I2C ad...
    Simon Braun
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  • PF8200 pull up resistor strength

    Hello,   I'm using the PF8200 in a design, and I had some questions about the pull-up resistors recommended by the PF8200 datasheet. For signal pins INTB and PGOOD, the datasheet recommends pulling the signals h...
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  • PF3000 RESETBMCU behavior when OTP_PG_EN=1

    Hi, I have question about PF3000 RESETBMCU pin behavior.   According to the PF3000 data sheet, RESETBMCU is deasserted 2ms after all power ups. It's call "default mode". i.e, OTP_PG_EN=0. On the other hand, we ...
    Mamoru Kanou
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  • i.MX6  startup sequence

    What's the LDOs(VDDARM_CAP 、VDDSOC_CAP、VDDHIGH_CAP) start-up sequence within i.mx6 ? Is the POR_B signal first or LDOs  output first?
    金凯 孙
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  • PF1510: Current Limiter and SW3 rated output current

    Hello, Could questions about the PF1510:   1. At all Sw1, Sw2 and Sw3, the Electrical Characteristics table, the current limiter lower side mosfet detection has a min value of 0.7A. What is this current exactly...
    Renato Nogueira Frias
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  • PF8100:  problem with FlexGUI utility

    Platform:      i.MX 8 with PF8100   This is the description of the customer: We are using the PF8100 PMIC in our design to power a i.MX8, The PF8100 is soldered on the board without pre-...
    Bernhard Fink
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  • PF8200 input supply must sink current?

    Hello,   I noticed that the PF8200 datasheet was recently updated to include this note on Table 9: "Input supply for switching regulators must be capable to sink current to avoid overvoltage condition durin...
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  • PF8200 VIN vs SWXIN Voltage

    Hello,   For the PF8200, is it important to have the voltage on VIN match the voltage on the Switch and LDO inputs? (SW1IN-SW7IN and LDO12IN-LDO4IN). Or can VIN be run at 3.3V while the Switch and LDO inputs are...
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  • Using PF8200 in try-before-buy mode

    Hello, In my current project I want to use the PF8200 in TBB/development mode initially. I want to use the programming interface on the KITPF8200FRDMPGM to program the PMIC, but I don't want the KITPF8200FRDMPGM ...
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  • FS8430 can not wake up

    Hi NXP Team,   I have a problem about FS8430. when I give the BAT and wake signal to FS8430 at the same time,it can start up normally at the voltage from 8V ~ 36V.But when I  give the BAT at 9V f...
    hongyu yan
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  • PF8200 open drain pull up voltage

    Hello,   I am working on a design that uses the PF8200. RESETB_MCU, INTB, PGOOD, and FSOB are all open drain signals that the datasheet recommends pulling up to VDDIO. However, for my application, I would like t...
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