• How can Silicon Versions of PF8100 be Identified?

    There are many different silicon versions of the PF8100 PMIC available. How can we identify whether our MC34PF8100A0EP has the revision C1 or an older one? Can the marking or date code on the chip be used fo...
    Peter Lischer
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  • PF8200 I2C control

    Hi all, we are using 2 pre-programmed PF8200 PMICs as recommended by NXP for the i.MX8QM. The DBES and ESES. One issue we see is that the PGOOD signals are disabled by default which is a bit strange given it is quite ...
    Peter Bain
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  • PF8100 VDDIO

    I want to confirm that the PF8100_VDDIO powered by Its own buck,What's the difference ,compared with use external power. Thanks.
    广慧 曾
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  • Unused SWxIN termination

    For AN12286,      Can unuded SWxIN connect to GND?  For example, SW1~6 are used and SW1~6IN are connect to VIN, but SW7 is not used and connect to GND.   I worry there were some thre...
  • EVM (KITPF8200FRDMEVM) output issue

    Hello.   I am testing with EVM (KITPF8200FRDMEVM), the waveform of the output voltage is strange. 1) Normal case: Output at normal voltage 2) Abnormal: Output back to normal voltage-> Medium-> Fall back t...
    WS Jeong
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  • FlexGUI I2C address range

    Hi there,   I was currently checking the OTP programming of two differently programmed PF8100 with NXPs programming board and the FlexGUI Tool. Reading the registers of the first PMIC works like a charm (I2C ad...
    Simon Braun
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  • PF8121 Efficiency Calculation

    Hi,   I am looking to reduce power consumption on an existing design which uses the PF8121. One area considered is the efficiency of the PF8121 PMIC, as affected by the choice of inductor. It was proposed that w...
    Tom Perman
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  • If PF8200 power output stops

    If the power output stops for part of each outputs, are there any case fail the MCU device ?   Regards, Yuji Matsunami
    yuji matsunami
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  • PF8200D2 power up question

    In chapter 5 of PF8200D2 configuration report <https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/supporting-information/R_PF8200D2.PDF>. It shows SW7/LDO1~4/PGOOD are OFF when power up. Is that means LDO1~4 are keep OFF when PF8200...
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  • PF8100:  problem with FlexGUI utility

    Platform:      i.MX 8 with PF8100   This is the description of the customer: We are using the PF8100 PMIC in our design to power a i.MX8, The PF8100 is soldered on the board without pre-...
    Bernhard Fink
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  • PF8200 input supply must sink current?

    Hello,   I noticed that the PF8200 datasheet was recently updated to include this note on Table 9: "Input supply for switching regulators must be capable to sink current to avoid overvoltage condition durin...
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  • PF8200 with SmartReflex(TI)

    hello, I’m writing this memo to ask a question about PF8200. we will use the DSP C6655 and apply SmartReflex to the PF8200 to control CORE voltage. We will replace the DC/DC in attachment 1 with PF8200 and d...
    sungsuk jung
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  • PF8200 with SmartReflex(TI)

    hello, I’m writing this memo to ask a question about PF8200. we will use the DSP C6655 and apply SmartReflex to the PF8200 to control CORE voltage.   We will replace the DC/DC in attachment 1 with PF8200 ...
    sungsuk jung
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  • MC33PF8200A0ES  usage for LS1043A

    Hello Team,   I need a input for using PMIC-MC33PF8200A0ES with LS1043A processor, I need a PMIC which has programmed and can be used directly with my LS1043A processor. Another option if I need to program what...
    Arif Kanganolli
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  • PF8200 VIN vs SWXIN Voltage

    Hello,   For the PF8200, is it important to have the voltage on VIN match the voltage on the Switch and LDO inputs? (SW1IN-SW7IN and LDO12IN-LDO4IN). Or can VIN be run at 3.3V while the Switch and LDO inputs are...
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  • Different inpult voltages lead to destruction???

    Hello, In my current project I'm using the PF8100 as PMIC. Please see attached schematics. The internal logic, SW1-4 and LDO1-4 are supplied by 3V3, while SW5-7 are supplied by 5V. When testing the first PCB pr...
    Nelson Scheja
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  • PF8100 OTP Programming

    Hi,   I'm evaluating the PF8100 PMIC for use in a project and have a question about the OTP feature. I currently have the evaluation board for the 8100 (KITPF8100FRDMEVM) and am using the FlexGUI utility to...
    Omar Hussein
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  • Using PF8200 in try-before-buy mode

    Hello, In my current project I want to use the PF8200 in TBB/development mode initially. I want to use the programming interface on the KITPF8200FRDMPGM to program the PMIC, but I don't want the KITPF8200FRDMPGM ...
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  • PF8200 open drain pull up voltage

    Hello,   I am working on a design that uses the PF8200. RESETB_MCU, INTB, PGOOD, and FSOB are all open drain signals that the datasheet recommends pulling up to VDDIO. However, for my application, I would like t...
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  • Use KL25Z to debug PF8X on board

    Hi     Here is a material to introduce use NXP tool to debug PF8x on customer board. Pls find in attach. BRs jinyu 
    Jinyu Zhang
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