• Programming PF4210

    Hi, I am considering using the PF4210 in a non-conventional way. I am using an IMx 8 on the board but I have no need for the GPU or VPU so thinking about using it to power other devices on the board. This require...
    Enoch Arthur
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  • Design Tool

    Hai sir/madam,   i am a graduate student and am new to nxp products. Currently i am working in a project where i am using PF4210 PMIC , but i want to how can i simulate the circuit. Is it possible to use OrCad o...
    Bibin Eugine
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  • SDA pull down in PF4210 & PF0100 

    Dear Team,   Customer found SDA pin of PMIC PF4210 keep in low status when VDDIO is supplied (VDDIO =3.3V) but without VIN (VIN = 0V). There is no such issue in SCL pin and it can ...
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  • PF4210 configuration difference

    In chapter 10.1 startup, it said The PF4210 can be configured to start up from either the internal OTP configuration, or with a hard coded configuration built into the device. What is the difference between 1) ha...
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