• PF3001 Power/Pins function

    Hi All, I have few confusions in the schematics and functioning of few pins.    1. I am using 5V from USB to power the IC. So, should I connect the net from VIN (after bypass capacitors & PMOS pass FET...
    Shashank Vaidya
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  • PF3000 datasheet register information does not correspond to the actual situation

    Using MC34PF3000A1EP to match IMX7D which is reference design. But we found something abnormal.    The default value of the PMIC register is offset: [0x20] ::: 0x18, offset: [0x66] ::: 0x00. The measured de...
    Sample Dep Gordy Guo
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  • i.MX6UL+PF3001 Coin cell consumption

    We uesd PF3001 in our i.MX6UL board, the "LICELL" pin of PF3001 is connected to the external Coil cell(65mAh), and the "VDD_SNVS_IN" of i.MX6UL is connected to the "VSNVS" of PF3001.(The "VSNVS" is sourced f...
    Jack lei
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  • How to know the coil cell is charged in PF3001

    We had used the coin-cell charger in PF3001, we want to indicate it by LED when the coil-cell is charging or is charged, but how to know the coil cell is charging or is charged?  Thank you.
    Jack lei
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  • PF3000 RESETBMCU behavior when OTP_PG_EN=1

    Hi, I have question about PF3000 RESETBMCU pin behavior.   According to the PF3000 data sheet, RESETBMCU is deasserted 2ms after all power ups. It's call "default mode". i.e, OTP_PG_EN=0. On the other hand, we ...
    Mamoru Kanou
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  • PF3000/1 Tool Issue

    PF3000 GUI does not find/detect FRDM-KL25Z board.   Windows 10 can recognize BOOTLOADER/FRDM-KL25Z with connecting SDA port, but GUI cannot detect KL25Z  and not turn on LED on KITPF3000FRDMPGM.   Cou...
    Hitoshi Matsunaga
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  • PMIC PF3001: value of Vin (min), when Vout is 3.3V

    Hello,      PMIC PF3000 Datasheet contains the following comments regarding voltage drop for the SW2:   The higher output voltages available depend on the voltage drop in the conduction path as ...
    Yuri Muhin
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  • PF3000: Different skipping behaviour

    Hi   On a custom board design, I'm using the PF3000A1 for the power supply of an IMX7D. The VDD_ARM voltage is connected to SW1A (1.1V), the VDD_SOC is connected to SW1B (1V). I'm measuring the current through t...
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  • Why using a PF0100 instead PF3000?

    Hello I'm just curious. In an application where power and voltages of pf3000 are enough...why shoulld i chose a pf0200 for a i.mx6 Solo? ( for example) I'm not in hurry with a project, i'm just curious. I expect that...
    Massimo Romano
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  • Supplying power using PMIC for i.MX 6ULZ reference design

    Where do I find a reference design that uses PMIC for i.MX 6ULZ?
    Oscar Duran
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  • PF3000/3001 + IMX6UL/6ULL reference design

    PF3000/3001 + IMX6UL/6ULL reference design
    W.h. Chen
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  • PF3000 LDOG

    I have a 5V implementation with the PF3000 PMIC.  I previously used the chip on a different design but with 4V input.  Now with 5V input, I am using an external FET and LDO controller to generate the VI...
    Tim Vielhaber
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  • MC32PF3001A1EP generate DDRVREF

    MC32PF3001A1EP how to generate DDRVREF
    zhao zhongfei
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  • PMIC PF3000/3001 Resources

    The PF3000 is a power management integrated circuit (PMIC) designed specifically for use with the NXP i.MX 7 and i.MX 6SL/SX/UL application processors. With up to four buck converters, six linear regulators, RTC suppl...
    Frank Ni
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  • i.MX6ULL+PF3001 standby

    In PF3000 <http://nxp.com/doc/pf3000>, pin 4 is STANDBY. In PF3001 <http://nxp.com/doc/pf3001>, pin 4 is ground. Therefore, can and how i.MX6ULL+PF3001 enter standby mode? Any different in hardware an...
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