• Question, PF1510

    Dear team,   My customer is using PF1510 for their board with i.MX6ULL. Please find the attached file for their register settings of PF1510. Please let me know whether if there is a concern on the settings. &#...
    Masamichi Miyamoto
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  • Question, PF1510 SWx_TMODE_SEL

    Dear team,   For each SWx output of PF1510, each has SWx_TMODE_SEL bit. I think this bit depicts the controlling method of MOSFET’s turn-on/off time controlling methods. (default setting is; controlling T...
    Masamichi Miyamoto
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  • PF1510: Current Limiter and SW3 rated output current

    Hello, Could questions about the PF1510:   1. At all Sw1, Sw2 and Sw3, the Electrical Characteristics table, the current limiter lower side mosfet detection has a min value of 0.7A. What is this current exactly...
    Renato Nogueira Frias
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  • PF1550 VBUS_LIN_ILIM resetting

    During brownout testing of a PF1550 design, it was observed that the VBUS_LIN_ILIM setting was resetting to the default value (0x68 400mA) after it was previously set to the desired value of (0xA0 1500mA).   Whe...
    Ben Foose
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  • PF1550A9EP sample availability

    I am trying to get samples of the MC32PF1550A9EP for i.MX RT1050.  It looks like I can't even get the blank device without buying 490 units.  We have completed our POC with the RT1050 dev board and are ...
    Jeffrey Dalton
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  • Supplying power using PMIC for i.MX 6ULZ reference design

    Where do I find a reference design that uses PMIC for i.MX 6ULZ?
    Oscar Duran
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  • VCORE and VYS not coming up

    Hi NXP,   I have 2/30 boards with the PF1510 with the following symptom:     -> VCORE and VSYS do not come up.   I measure the following voltages on those boards: VIN = 5V, LDO2P7 = 2.7V and ...
    Ashwat Amirthalingam
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  • PF1510 driver

    Hello,   is the pf1550 driver from the imx_4.9.88_2.0.0_ga  kernel compatible with the pf1510?   I also checked imx_4.14.78_1.0.0_ga, which doesn't have a driver for pf1510 either.   My pro...
  • Regarding  USBPHYLDO of PF1510

    Dear Support-team, We have below questions about USBPHYLDO of PF1510. Please support us.   <Question 1> USBPHY (default 3.3 V output) seems to be described as being enable / disable with USBPHYLDO bit, In...
    Tomohisa Sakamoto
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  • frdm-pf1550evm and frdm_KL25Z

    Dear PMIC support,   Our customer download the SW package to support the PF1550 and it came only with the GUI. Our customer is looking for the actual KL25 i2c driver application code that is required to work in...
    Hy Mai
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  • PF1550+I.MX6ULL/6UL reference design

    Hi      VVDN Technologies is NXP Partner, more information and technology support about I.MX reference design , you can find in the link below:     NXP - Partner Profile Information...
    Jinyu Zhang
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  • PMIC PF1510 + I.MX Resource

    The latest version datasheet:https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/data-sheet/PF1510.pdf   Board user guide:https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/user-guide/KTFRDMPF1510EVMUG.pdf   EVM and Tools:https://www.nxp.com/products/p...
    Jinyu Zhang
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  • PMIC PF1550 + i.MX Processors Resource

    PF1550 is PMIC which can provide full power solution for i.MX 7ULP, i.MX 6SL, 6UL, 6ULL 6SX and RT processors-based, battery-powered systems. Especially for low-power portable, smart wearable and IoT applications. Th...
    Jinyu Zhang
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