• S32K14x+MC33903 schematic and layout

    S32K14x+MC33903 schematic and layout
    Dennis Zeng
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  • MC33905S  Exercising I/O-3

    I am using MC33905S for my application, as power regulator and CAN transceiver, in Normal mode and is working fine so far. However, I can't make the I/O-3 to drive a small LED.   What I have done is, d...
    Tawit Uthaicharoenpong
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  • Why MC33903 reply 0x21F4 when send 0x2580(read device id) to it ?

    Hi NXP Team, I send SPI cmd 0x2580 to MC33903 to read the device id , but it replys 0x21F4, which means MC33905D not MC33903 used on evb. Detail description see the following points.   1. Problem MOSI 0x2580=0...
    Martin Zhang
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