• NX20P3483UK  Dead Battery Mode

    I have a question about NX20P3483UK  . When the chip works in the Dead Battery Mode, In the case of external USB 5V power supply, whether the chip is still charging the board at this time. If charging, what is...
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  • In FS6500 SBC, need to close S1 switch while releasing FSxB pins?

    The S1 switch between VPU_FS pin & Vpre shall be closed under which circumstances while releasing FSxB pins? As seen in the diagram of FS1B activation, switch S1 when closed, connects the Vpre & VPU_FS.  ...
    Vaibhav Sharma
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  • Scalable and Safe Power Management Solutions for Automotive Market

    Vehicle Dynamics & Safety: Scalable and Saf... | NXP Community With safety being omnipresent in automotive development today, a scalable portfolio with dedicated power management solutions means that NX...
  • Visit us next week at NXP Connects 2019 Silcon Valley, June 12-13 in Santa Clara

    NXP Connects 2019 Silicon Valley   Visit us next week at NXP Connects 2019 Silcon Valley, June 12-13 in Santa Clara   We will run three sessions dedicated to our Safety PMIC solutions : Wednesday 3PM : ...
  • In FS6513, FLT_ERR_2:0 is showing Max value(6) at Init

    The FLT_ERR_2:0 bits is showing 6(FEC is configured for threshold 6) at the start of the SBC_Init function(before any of the other command being sent). So presently after initializing SPI & port drivers, SBC is be...
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  • BAT_FAIL bit is always 0(Wakeup from LPOFF)

    BAT_FAIL bit in INIT_VREG register is always 0(Even on reset), which shows that the POR never occurred. I am using debug mode. The RSTB_EXT bit in DIAG_SF_IOs register is 1 every time, I run the code.   Q1. Why ...
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  • In FS6500 SBC, what happens if MCU fails to service watchdog in the 1st 256ms refresh period?

    As to switch from INIT_FS mode to Normal_WD mode in SBC, 1 good watchdog refresh is essential by MCU; but if the MCU fails to do so in 256msec, then RSTB, FS0B & FS1B(after Tdelay time) are asserted low. So at thi...
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  • NXP TECH-ACADEMY (Access Problem)

    Hi Team NXP ,   I was able to access NXP Technical Academy ( NXP Technical Academy ) till last Wednesday (06/MAR/2019).  ISSUE: But, since last Friday (08/MAR/2019), I am unable to access (A...
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  • FS45/65 Functional Safety SBC

    Our safe and robust functional safety SBCs combine efficient DC/DC power management that can be switched to low-power mode. Different applications have different safe state conditions. The FS45 and FS65 provide scalab...
  • Three Generations of Safety Power Management ICs

    NXP's scalable safety power management portfolio combines safety features with device flexibility built on two pillars: safety process during the development phase and proven ASIL D safety architectures...
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  • Safety SBCs Chosen for Automotive

    More information ,pls find in:https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/brochure/SBCAUTOBRA4.pdf                                      &...
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