• In FS6500 SBC, need to close S1 switch while releasing FSxB pins?

    The S1 switch between VPU_FS pin & Vpre shall be closed under which circumstances while releasing FSxB pins? As seen in the diagram of FS1B activation, switch S1 when closed, connects the Vpre & VPU_FS.  ...
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  • Scalable and Safe Power Management Solutions for Automotive Market

    Vehicle Dynamics & Safety: Scalable and Saf... | NXP Community With safety being omnipresent in automotive development today, a scalable portfolio with dedicated power management solutions means that NX...
  • Visit us next week at NXP Connects 2019 Silcon Valley, June 12-13 in Santa Clara

    NXP Connects 2019 Silicon Valley   Visit us next week at NXP Connects 2019 Silcon Valley, June 12-13 in Santa Clara   We will run three sessions dedicated to our Safety PMIC solutions : Wednesday 3PM : ...
  • In FS6513, FLT_ERR_2:0 is showing Max value(6) at Init

    The FLT_ERR_2:0 bits is showing 6(FEC is configured for threshold 6) at the start of the SBC_Init function(before any of the other command being sent). So presently after initializing SPI & port drivers, SBC is be...
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  • BAT_FAIL bit is always 0(Wakeup from LPOFF)

    BAT_FAIL bit in INIT_VREG register is always 0(Even on reset), which shows that the POR never occurred. I am using debug mode. The RSTB_EXT bit in DIAG_SF_IOs register is 1 every time, I run the code.   Q1. Why ...
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  • In FS6500 SBC, what happens if MCU fails to service watchdog in the 1st 256ms refresh period?

    As to switch from INIT_FS mode to Normal_WD mode in SBC, 1 good watchdog refresh is essential by MCU; but if the MCU fails to do so in 256msec, then RSTB, FS0B & FS1B(after Tdelay time) are asserted low. So at thi...
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  • NXP TECH-ACADEMY (Access Problem)

    Hi Team NXP ,   I was able to access NXP Technical Academy ( NXP Technical Academy ) till last Wednesday (06/MAR/2019).  ISSUE: But, since last Friday (08/MAR/2019), I am unable to access (A...
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  • FS45/65 Functional Safety SBC

    Our safe and robust functional safety SBCs combine efficient DC/DC power management that can be switched to low-power mode. Different applications have different safe state conditions. The FS45 and FS65 provide scalab...
  • Three Generations of Safety Power Management ICs

    NXP's scalable safety power management portfolio combines safety features with device flexibility built on two pillars: safety process during the development phase and proven ASIL D safety architectures...
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  • Safety SBCs Chosen for Automotive

    More information ,pls find in:https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/brochure/SBCAUTOBRA4.pdf                                      &...
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