• 35FS6500 Reset Reason

    Hi all,   I saw on product's datasheet that there are a lot of reasons which could cause an SBC reset via RSTB route. That's fine, but I need to know, most generically, if the reset was due to RSTB or POR. How c...
    Daniele Spinello
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  • BAT_FAIL bit is always 0(Wakeup from LPOFF)

    BAT_FAIL bit in INIT_VREG register is always 0(Even on reset), which shows that the POR never occurred. I am using debug mode. The RSTB_EXT bit in DIAG_SF_IOs register is 1 every time, I run the code.   Q1. Why ...
    Vaibhav Sharma
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  • FS45&65 IC socket for HLQFP48

    Hi NXP technical team. We're looking for IC-socket to choose the precise for FS65/45.  Do you have a recommended IC-socket for it? The target package name is "SOT1571-1: HLQFP48". Would you please advice to cl...
    Yuki Sato
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  • In FS6500 SBC, what happens if MCU fails to service watchdog in the 1st 256ms refresh period?

    As to switch from INIT_FS mode to Normal_WD mode in SBC, 1 good watchdog refresh is essential by MCU; but if the MCU fails to do so in 256msec, then RSTB, FS0B & FS1B(after Tdelay time) are asserted low. So at thi...
    Vaibhav Sharma
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  • In FS6513C SBC, deep fail safe state is for the device or the 2 machines(MSM & FSSM) individually?

    According to FS6500 SBC user manual, when the deep fail-safe function is enabled, as soon as either the fault error counter reaches its final value or the RSTB pin remains asserted low for more than 8.0 s, the device ...
    Vaibhav Sharma
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  • NXP TECH-ACADEMY (Access Problem)

    Hi Team NXP ,   I was able to access NXP Technical Academy ( NXP Technical Academy ) till last Wednesday (06/MAR/2019).  ISSUE: But, since last Friday (08/MAR/2019), I am unable to access (A...
    Lakshmi Kanth
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  • FS45/65 Functional Safety SBC

    Our safe and robust functional safety SBCs combine efficient DC/DC power management that can be switched to low-power mode. Different applications have different safe state conditions. The FS45 and FS65 provide scalab...

    I'm working on DIAG monitor for SBC FS4500 and I have encountered DIAG_VSUP_VCAN->ILIM_CAN and DIAG_SPI->SPI_REQ are always set. In fact CAN communication is working well and the SBC output power supply is...
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  • Three Generations of Safety Power Management ICs

    NXP's scalable safety power management portfolio combines safety features with device flexibility built on two pillars: safety process during the development phase and proven ASIL D safety architectures...
    Vincent Lagardelle
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  • FS4500 SBC FS0b release not worked

    Hello, I'm not able to release FS0b pin.Its always low. Please find the attached snapshots of register values and help me to identify the problem. Note:In sbc init ,after first watchdog refresh watchdog was disable...
    PV R
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  • FS4500 SBC Configuration

    Hello all,can some body help me to configure FS4500 driver intialization and watchdog configuration? How to handle fail safe mode?
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  • FS6500 CAN Communication

    Hi, I am using FS6500. I just want to use it as CAN transceiver. I don't want to implement any safety related features.   Should I need to configure or check any registers in FS6500 through SPI?   If...
    Murugesh M
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  • FS45&FS65 Part number defintion and Part numbers  list

    There are many members in the family of FS45&FS65, which you can choose the best for your application, you can see the rules of number definition and check the difference of different members from t...
    Allan An
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