• SPI write routine in C or Assembly for MC68HC16Z1 series of MCU

    Hello,   I am working on NXP 16 bit MC68HC16Z1 series of MCU and required immediate support to get SPI write routine in C code or Assembly code. It would be good, if someone will provide verified SPI r...
    vipul prajapati
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    Product: MCHC11F1CFNE4 Description: IC MCU 8BIT ROMLESS 68PLCC Product Packaging marking: MCHC11F1CFNE4 0M88Y QMZFY1920J   MCHC11F1CFNE4 1E63M QMZDT1107   Manufacturer: NXP/Freescale   Problem: MCU...
    Jonathan Alvarado
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  • S08PT60 Evaluation Kit, lookinf for example code in C/C++

    Hello team,   My customer plan to work with #MC9S08PL4 and the closed EVK available is #S08PT60-EVK. when I started to work with S08 SDK (using code warrior 11.1) I found out that all the example code...
    Shai Berman
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  • S08PT60-EVK: looking for full manual guide

    Hello team,   I am looking for full manual guide for s08pt60-evk since I am planning to use the EVK BDM programmer to flash an external target device and the only guide I have found on NXP website is S08PT6...
    Shai Berman
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  • P89LPC922 Security bits

    Hi everybody, I have microcontroller LPC922 and he has some sectors locked with security bits ( 0x07 ). In the documentation is written ( as I understood ) that "global erase" shall clear these bits with 0x00  ...
    Rafal Obirek
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  • Problem with AN3927 using JM60 in windows 10

    Hello, i'm trying to use AN3927 for a msd booloader on JM60, but, always there's a error message "Device cannot start(code 10)" in device manager. I'm using Wireshark to see the communication between host and device(...
    Eduardo Kamada
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  • Bus LIN solution

    Hello,   We must design a small industrial application with some Inputs/Outputs (Logical Input/Outputs, Analog input) RS485 and then a LIN BUS (slave)   Which small CPU could you advice to me  to sup...
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  • NXP Model Based Design Toolbox for S32K

    The chip I use is S32K144,The compiler is S32IDE FOR RAM.In the course of using MATLAB, I found that the supported compilers were only IAR, GCC, but no S32IED FOR RAM.How can I configure it?
    zhigang dai
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  • what are the programming pins of P87C51MC2? which Programmer can i use ?

    Hello Guys,    I want to use the microcontroller P87C51MC2 of NXP, but i can't understand how to program it. can anyone help me to know which pins are used for the programming and if there is any programme...
    Karim Ben Ali
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  • USB Stack MSD with JM60

    Hello,  I'm trying to put a FAT(File Allocation Table) in the code of USB Stack for MC9S08JM60, but i observed the Write(10) Command never be called. Do you know how to fix this or got some example with MSD + FAT...
    Eduardo Kamada
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  • Using the S08RN60 MCU for controlling a DC motor with Touch electrodes.

    Open video

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  • Pls help confirm if the marking of TEA1751AT/N1/S35518

    Hello,   We bought the part of TEA1751AT/N1/S35518 from Rochester,  the marking  is "CP015ND   CDT796   TXD14131".Ro...
    Chen Gloria
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  • Implementing FAT16 on JM60 USB Stack 4.11

    Hello, I need an implementation of FAT16 in a JM60 microcontroller, but i don't know how to start it. Is there an example with FAT16 and MSD with internal flash for study? I don't need to storage large files, just ne...
    Eduardo Kamada
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  • 68HC705 PLCC44 replacer?

    We have an old design that uses a MC68HC705C8ACFN microcontroller. The firmware really needs an update, but we are using a PLCC44 version of this part and as I see, there is really nothing that can drop down on t...
    john backman
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  • How to vector redirect S08PT

    Design bootloader and application,this is my memory map: boot address:0xE000-0xFFFF app address:0x3200-0xFDFF set flash protection higher address range is 8Kbytes This is my NVPROT register config: NVPROT_INIT @0...
    chen kean
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  • tfa9879 audio chip python

    Hi Sir   I need to use python 2.7 to communicate with  tfa9879 audio chip  Do you have any API for python to use?   Function I need is change the audio sound level   which means I call a funct...
    Junye Ye
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  • LPC922 Marking

    LPC922 Marking   Hello Is there any information regarding P89LPC922F marking ? The label which is sticked on ESD bag does not mention explicitly anywhere that the part inside the bag is LPC922 It has  a ...
    ionut Ionut
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  • MC9S08PL4 schematics review

    Hello Team,   My Customer has a plan to use MC9S08PL4 and they want to review their schematics and get your recommendations for the mass-production stage, can I open a private ticket to be able to share the...
    Shai Berman
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  • S08PL 10-bit ADC not recognized by Codewarrior

    I'm downsizing some projects from S08PA to S08PL and I've got some strange behaviour on CW 10.7. CW does not recognize the 10-bit ADC option and only allows 8-bit ADC mode. I've installed CW 11.1 but the problem conti...
    Celso Monteiro
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  • Looking for the old Freescale Learning Accademy resources

    Hello, time ago i watch some educational videos from the Freescale website about how to create a c# GUI for DEMOJM, and if I remember right also some etpu relate videos. Now I can't find that videos in the NXP site; A...
    damien darhk
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