Product: MCHC11F1CFNE4 Description: IC MCU 8BIT ROMLESS 68PLCC Product Packaging marking: MCHC11F1CFNE4 0M88Y QMZFY1920J   MCHC11F1CFNE4 1E63M QMZDT1107   Manufacturer: NXP/Freescale   Problem: MCU...
    Jonathan Alvarado
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  • ventilator and hardware

    we are using the DRM127 FOR VENTILATOR AND HARDWARE.  WE need the below help urgently. 1. How to program freescale board & interface the required peripherals? 2. Which IDE to use & SDK for the same if av...
  • ventilator and respirator

    We are developing DRM127 VENTILATOR DESIGN.  IN item 69 and item 70 in page 34.  has document CD and demo one pager document.  Please help how to get these .
  • ventilator design

    we have downloaded the DRM127 Gerber for ventilator and respiration design files.  The L1, L2, L3 and L4 has two files with 1 as the file.  we need clarification as to are we supposed to fabricate both the f...
  • MC9S08QG8CPBE is EOL in stores, active in NXP !!!

    There is a last buy note for MC9S08QG8CPBE 935322628174 Active Last Buy Date: 22-May-2020 Last Delivery Date: 22-May-2021 although it appears as Active. The note was issued recently (2019-11-22) but should...
    Tony Papadimitriou
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  • UART bootloader for MCF51QE

    HI, I'm interested about BOOTLOADER, I have developed my application for mcf51qe128. Until today i have downloaded the fw with cyclone. Now there is a need to download with the UART. I have a .pdf  "Implement ...
    Massimo Sardelli
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  • USB - PS/2 Keyboard Interface for MC9S08JM series (DRM014)

    All, I am trying to find the code for the DRM014 reference. It states in section 1.6 about the Firmware files. Does anybody know where I can get these? I have checked P&E, but didn't have much luck. I am trying t...
    Keith Ashcraft
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  • How to disable extern RESET(PTA5) on the HCS08

    Hello!   I have disabled RSTPE with SOPT1 = 0, but PTA5 GPIO still reset the microcontroller when it was to low level. Please, Can anyone please help me to understand this behaviour?   This is my sou...
    Alexandre Bensi
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  • MFRC522

    about library for atmega32
    suwas bohora
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  • SC18IS602BIPW/S8 -alternative part number

    Can u please suggest an alternative part number for SC18IS602BIPW/S8-I2C to SPI bridge IC  with an operating temperature range of -40C - to 125C??
    Sathish Raja
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  • You have been redirected to this page because your ID is INACTIVE in Flexera.

    How to activate my account?
    wu zhuoji
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  • eeprom segment

    I have a S08 PT60 processor with codewarrior 10.6.4 I need to inizilize the eeprom value. I have try to use a array definition :   // default eeprom value const uint8_t EEdefault     [16] @...
    Stefano De Blasiis
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  • P87C51RB reliability report

    Where can I download P87C51RB reliability report? Thank you
    efrain rodriguez
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  • How FXTH780911 Detect Car Rolling Mod?

    Does anyone know about How FXTH780911 Detect Car Rolling Mod? What part of the ""TPMS-FXTH87-LF-RF-Communication-CW10-3"" Code is for accelerometers? For example, if the FXTH780911 is triggered by an external LF ...
  • Base Package Build on S32K144 using GHS compiler

    need to build base package for s32k144 using GHS
    Gokulavarma Ganesan
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  • MC1468705G2 information

    Hello, anyone got information about how to program / read / verify this old device ? New programmers don't support it, and the old hardware which existed 20 years ago is long lost. Any help or ideas ? Mike
    Michael Herzog
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  • Stylus recommendation for capacitive and passive stylus on Amazon?

    Hello all,     Working my way toward paperless and I'm at the point where I'd like to experiment with using my phone for quick handwritten notes while I'm not near a computer instead of defaulting to pen + p...
    neoply mike
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  • Position algorithm for finding the direction.

    Hello, I have implemented one application for detection of vehicles direction by using acceleration sensor. I want to detect the vehicle direction when it start to move. I have used AN3397 application note for implem...
    supriya Borchate
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  • AN3291 oddity (problems with I2C device on QG8)

    Hi all, I'm trying to connect 24FC512 EEPROM to QG8 device. I downloaded AN3291 and copied routines to read/write from EEPROM with I2C module in HCS08 devices into my project, after a slight changes (like converting I...
    Jaromir Sukuba
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  • MC908AZ32ACFUE

    Hello guys. I need to program a MC908AZ32ACFUE microcontroller, but I´m having a few problems with it. What I need to do is to program it on its place, without removing it from the electronic board. So, I need...
    Eduardo Suzin
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